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23133 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 108 Torrance, CA 90505

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human body, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."  Thomas Edison

Chiropractic Care

This quote from Thomas Edison states the philosophy of Dr. Roquemore.  Chiropractic care emphasizes the entire person rather than simply a lack of physical symptoms.  Good health is gained and maintained by considering all of the various components that make up the physical body.

As a chiropractor, Dr. Roquemore believes balance is health.  Through chiropractic care he can restore proper spine and joint mobilization, decrease stress and tension on the nervous system, thus optimizing your maximum health potential. (Click on 3-D spine simulator to the right and see how the spine and your organs are connected.)

In conjunction to chiropractic manipulation Dr. Roquemore may utilize one or more therapeutic modality.  They may consist of traction, electrical muscle stimulation or ultrasound to help relieve pain and inflamation.

Chiropractic care can help eliminate back and neck pain, migraine headaches, shoulder and knee pain, decrease pain and stiffness while increasing joint mobility.


Massage Therapy

The benefits of  a therapeutic massage is not limited to the reduction of overall stress.  A therapeutic massage also benefits the heart, brain, lungs, glands along with reducing aches and pains.  If an individual has had an injury or accident, a massage can increase blood flow to the injured area, reduce swelling, and increase range of motion.

Massage therapy offers a natural conservative treatment approach that relieves musculoskeletal pain for many patients. Our massage therapist provides specific massage and muscular therapy that is tailored to meet the individual patient's condition and injury.

Nutritional Support and Counseling

Dr. Roquemore believes providing our patients with the highest quality of nutritional supplementation is of the utmost importance to maintaining good health.  We are proud to carry and recommend  Xymogen http://xymogen.com/2008/index.asp (for products click on Formulas) and Standard Process which are pharmaceutical grade products.   Dr. Roquemore will provide specific recommendations on healthy food choices, and when necessary, nutritional supplements to enhance our patients' return to optimal health.

Corrective Exercises

Once you have achieved spinal structural balance, Dr. Roquemore will guide you through a joint muscle rehabilitation exercise program best suited for your body's individual needs.  Dr. Roquemore will instruct you here in the office on specific stretches and core muscle strengthening exercises.  Once you have mastered these instructions in the office you will continue them in the comfort of your own home.  A key component to your continued good health and flexibility is your Corrective Exercise Program.  This program will help maintain good health and balance to your body's overall muscle strength and connective tissues.

Lifestyle Advice

We often find it helpful to "coach" our patients on certain activities they should avoid or do differently to avoid aggravating their particular health challenge. Our goal is to help every patient achieve a fulfilling and happy lifestyle full of the activities they enjoy most. We recognize that each of our patients is a whole person, and to help them reach true health and wellness is a collaborative effort between Dr. Roquemore and his patients.

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