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May/June 2015


With summer comes the most wonderful, healthy fresh fruits.  Try making a fresh fruit salad!  It is delicious way to get natural antioxidants and vitamins.  This nutritious dessert is healthy and full of color in a bowl or on your plate.  Try some of the following fruits for your summer treat:



Wild blueberries


Black plums


Red delicious apples

Fresh pineapple

Consider checking with the USDA's list for fruits high in antioxidants to add to the above list.

Have a great summer and stay healthy,

Dr. Roquemore

Mar/Apr 2015

Healthy Spring and Summer Eating

Make this Spring and Summer a time for you to optimize good eating habits.  Here are a few simple suggestions.

  1. Make your snacks with fresh seasonal fruits like grapes, oranges or kiwi.
  2. Eat "whole grains"
  3. Avoid hydrogenated oils, vegetable shortening, and margarine, replace these oils with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  4. Have two salads per day (limit the amount of dressings).  Spice them up with apples, unsalted/lightly salted nuts (sunflower seeds, almond, walnut or pine nuts) add dried cranberries, or fresh tangerines, ripe red or yellow tomatoes, green beans or black beans.  Make your salad as colorful as possible, use dark leafy greens, if you like peppers add those to the salad.
  5. Skip fast food and the prepackaged snacks unless it is prepackaged fresh fruit.

It won't take much effort to Clean-Up your diet.  Make a list of the above items when you go to the grocery store.  You and your family will be healthier for it.

Stay Healthy

Dr. Roquemore

Jan/Feb 2015

Why Do I Need A Vitamin D Supplement?

Vitamin D is an essential micronutrient with a central role in maintaining good health.  Vitamin D is produced endogenously in our bodies when ultraviolet rays from the sunlight strike the skin and trigger Vitamin D synthesis.  Vitamin D is present in very few foods therefore the use of a Vitamin D supplement is important to your health.  The benefits of Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption in the gut.  It is also needed for bone growth, prevents osteomalacia in adults and helps protect older adults from osteoporosis.  Insufficient or low levels of Vitamin D have been linked to :

1. Suppressed immunity

2. Increased risk of chronic disease

3. Heightened levels of inflammation.

Speak with your doctor about checking your 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D level and find out if supplementing your Vitamin D is recommended.

I recommend 2,000 IU of Vitamin D supplement per day as a baseline level.

Stay Healthy

Dr. Roquemore

Oct/Nov 2014

Minimize Dry and Cracked Hands and Feet

Cold weather turns on the heat in our home and work place.  This helps dry the air and our skin.  Lack of hydration when the weather is cooler tends to dehydrate us.  Our hands and feet can show damage during this time of year.  Here are some simple tips to help prevent this problem and promote healing.

Hands -  Make sure you dry your hands completely after washing then apply a lotion once your hands are dry.

At night apply a lotion with glycolic and/or salicylic acids.  Apply this product generously, once applied put on a pair of cotton gloves and retire for the night.

Feet - Remove calluses with a wet pumice stone in a bath or shower (follow the directions on the pumice stone packaging for proper usage).  Once calluses are removed and your feet are completely dry, apply a generous amount of lotion with glycolic and/or salicylic acid to your feet.  Put on a pair of cotton socks to help keep on the lotion.  This should be done just before retiring for the night.

Choose closed-back shoes to help prevent additional dryness to the heels.  Flip flops should be avoided until your feet/heels are completely healed.

Stay Healthy

Dr. Roquemore

Aug/Sept 2014

How Important is the Supplement Omega-3 Fish Oil?

It's an important supplement that I use for my family and myself.

The researchers at Rhode Island hospital published a report in 2014 that showed regular use of fish oil supplements appeared to help keep thinking sharp, demonstrated less brain shrinkage and better overall mental performance in certain older adults, compared with the control group.  Participants did not have specific genetic marker associated with high risk of Alzheimer's disease.

The Rhode Island hospital report supports other studies suggesting fish oil (Omega-3 fatty acids) may be important for certain individuals in maintaining brain structure and function.

A regular regime of supplements that include Omega-3 fish oil can help your brain get the nutritional support it needs.

Stay Healthy

Dr. Roquemore

June/July 2014

Alzheimer's Disease

Every week a patient tells me they have a family member or friend who is experiencing memory loss.  The next question is do I think it might be Alzheimer's?  I suggest they have the family member or friend speak with their family physician for possible testing.  There are a few questions you can ask to help distinguish between the normal memory loss that comes with aging or the sign of Alzheimer's.  The following are a few things to look for to help you determine if testing should be started:

1. Does the individual forget important events or recently learned information.  Forgetting important dates or relying on someone else to complete previously known routine tasks.

2. Trouble with following directions, or keeping track of monthly bill or working with numbers.

3, Daily routines or tasks become unfamiliar.  Difficulty in remembering the rules of favorite games or frequently used phone numbers.

4. Confusion about where they are or how they got there or understanding visual images or signs.

Stay Healthy

Dr. Roquemore

May 2014


If you are not allergic to NUTS,  Almonds make a great healthy snack for just about anywhere, the ball game, at your desk at work, in the car or at home watching TV.   Unsalted or low salt almonds that are raw or dry-roasted are the best for overall health benefits, as long as you eat them in moderation. Some of the health benefits are:

Calcium for strong and healthy bones.

Magnesium, promotes normal blood pressure.

Monounsaturated fats, may help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Protein to provide sustained energy

You can use almond flour to bake with or have almonds on yogurt with granola or tossed in a salad. The use of Almonds are numerous.

The internet has a number of addition ideas for the use of ALMONDS.  Try this healthy snack that you can eat at any time of day or evening.  And NO I don't own stock in any Almond company.

Stay Healthy

Dr. Roquemore

March 2014

Day Light Savings Time This Month

Most people have difficulty switching over to day light savings time.  If getting restful sleep during this time of year you might want to try an natural herb to help you sleep.  Consider Valerian (Valeriana officinalis).  This herb is a safe and effective sleep aid.  It is available in tincture, extract, or capsule form - use one teaspoon of the tincture in a quarter cup of water, or take one or two capsules at bedtime.  Look for valerian products standardized to 1 percent valerenic acid.  When used appropriately, valerian has no known side effects, but it is best used only on an occasional basis to maintain its efficacy.

I hope this tip will help you through the time change.

Stay Healthy

Dr. Roquemore

February 2014

Valentines Day .... Month!

Why should we celebrate with that special someone on one day in February?  Keep your relationship healthy and find fun things to do together at least one day a month.  I know this is hard to do with our busy lives and the current economic environment.  Take a couple of hours or less and; go for a walk on the beach during sunset, take a bike ride, try a new restaurant.  What ever you choose make it a DATE TIME.  Make is special.

I am not saying don't celebrate Valentines Day, keep your relationship healthy all year long.

Stay Healthy

Dr. Roquemore

January 2014


No one plans to have an auto accident they are often sudden and violent events.  The following steps will help you navigate the medical, legal and financial issues that will arise should you be involved in a traffic accident.  Here are some things you need to know:

  1. Stop!  The law requires that the driver of a car involved in an accident must stop if there is damage to any car or if a person is hurt.
  2. Assist the injured, when you can do so without causing injury to you or other drivers.
  3. Prevent further accidents.  If possible pull to a safe area out of traffic i.e. shoulder of the road or parking area.
  4. Call the local police or Highway Patrol depending on the location of the accident.
  5. Identify the other driver. Write down the other driver's name, address, phone (home, cell, and work) numbers, vehicles license number of the car he/she is driving, their drivers license number and auto insurance card information.
  6. Write down the names, addresses and phone (home, cell and work) numbers of any witness as soon as you can.
  7. Assist the police.
  8. Serious injuries do not always result in immediate pain or bloodshed.  If no ambulance is available, have someone drive you to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. Then, see you doctor.
  9. Take photos of any vehicles involved in the accident if you can do so without causing danger to your self or others.
  10. As soon as possible write down your account of the accident include: day, time, direction you were headed, what lane you were in, were you moving or stopped, how did you feel immediately after the accident, light headed, dizzy, body pain location, cuts or bruises also take photos of any cuts and bruises.
  11. Notify your auto insurance carrier within 24 hours of the accident.

For more complete information guide pick-up one of the free pamphlets we have available in our office courtesy of Shawn Steel & Associates http://www.shawnsteel.com, this pamphlet will help you during a stressful time.

It is important to obtain an evaluation from your doctor within the first 24 to 36 hours after any accident regardless of the impact damage to your vehicle.  See my August/September and October message regarding the bodies healing process.  To help you understand what a subluxation in the spine can do left untreated, look to the right of this message you will see a 3D Spine Simulator, click on launch. You will find an interactive spine, click on any vertebra and see what organs and health issues may occur if subluxations are not corrected.

Stay Healthy,

Dr. Roquemore

December 2013

The Year is Almost Over

Another year has come and gone, I have been a chiropractor in Torrance for the past 30 years.  This past year has been especially eventful with the moving of my office from the Neese Professional Building on Torrance Blvd to my new location at 23133 Hawthorne Blvd.,Suite 108 at the Corner of Hawthorne and Lomita in the Industrial & Commerical Bank of China Building in Torrance.  This modern building provides my patients with ample parking and a handicap ramp to enter the building.  Our suite also has room for our new equipment i.e. rehabilitation equipment, traction units and therapeutic massage.

I invite you to come and visit our new office.

With the holiday parties at this time of year I hope you stay safe and healthy.  Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

 I am sending this prayer to you and your family. 

A.S.A.P.  means "Always Say A Prayer

"God, our Father, If it is your will, walk through my house and take away all my worries and illness and please watch over and heal my family in Jesus name, Amen."

May God Bless you and your family.

Dr. Roquemore

November 2013

Healthy Eating For the Holidays

It can be difficult to find healthy foods when eating out and it seems especially difficult during the holidays.  The holiday season is filled with special foods we only seem to experience during this time of year making it almost impossible to maintain a reasonable weight even though you're not trying to diet.  Most of us attend several holiday gatherings either with family, friends or through our work.  Here are some hints to help you make healthier choices without depriving yourself of those once a year great foods and treats.

  1. Pace yourself.  If you have more than one function in a day or evening make your non function food a light meal of salad with chicken or tuna on a bed of lettuce and skip the bread.
  2. When eating out, try to order a grilled fish with steamed vegetables. The magazine EatingWell has a great article about healthy fish to eat. http://www.eatingwell.com/blogs/health_blog/6_of_the_healthiest_fish_to_eat_and_6_to_avoid
  3. Have an apple or other fruit with a small amount of protein (3 oz's for women and 5 oz's for men) just before you go out to a gathering or function.  This will help curb your appetite and stabilize your blood sugar.
  4. Drink an 8 oz glass of water while you're getting ready for an evening out.  Remember any beverage containing alcohol dehydrates your system.
  5. Having a cup of caffeinated coffee to stay awake before going out is not in your best interest.  Remember caffeine is a diuretic and will dehydrate you, see the article from Brown University http://brown.edu/Student_Services/Health_Services/Health_Education/alcohol,_tobacco,_&_other_drugs/caffeine.php
  6. When you are at a holiday buffet try to limit fried vegetables, cream cheeses, creamy dressings and items with butter.  These are all diet killers.

Don't beat yourself up if you over indulge one day or evening.  Look at each day as a new day and try to do better with the foods and drinks you consume the next day.

Have a great Thanksgiving and Holiday Season

Dr. Roquemore

November 2013


As of November 4, 2013 we will have a brand new office, we will be located at:

         23133 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 108,  Torrance, CA 90505

We are now located on the corner of Hawthorne and Lomita Blvd.

Come visit us and take advantage of specials we will be running for November and December.

Call for more information.

Have a Safe and Healthy Thanksgiving, try not to eat to much. 

Dr. Roquemore

October 2013


PHASE 1: Inflammation

This phase lasts about 72 hours or more for minor to moderate injuries.  The immune system triggers an immediate increase blood flow that results in inflammation (swelling) in response to tissue injury.

PHASE 2: Repair or Regeneration

This phase may last up to six weeks or more.  Instead of being a strong, flexible, crisscross pattern of the original tissue, the repaired tissue is a weaker, stiffer and more pain-sensitive, rope-like pattern.

PHASE 3: Remodeling

The final phase can last up to a year or more depending on the injury.  It is critical that correct type of motion be introduced at this state of healing so the fibers will slowly arrange themselves more like the original pre-injury tissue.

Don't let any injury heal improperly, schedule your Chiropractic Exam as soon as possible after any injury and start the proper healing process.

Stay Healthy

Dr. Roquemore

August/September 2013

Injury and The Healing Process

Minor to moderate injuries occur every day.  The incident could go something like this.  You pick up a heavy bag/box to put on the shelf or in the back of the car and you tweak your back.  In that instant you say to yourself "Wow that hurt."  Then you say to yourself  "I'll take some ibuprofen, put the heat pack on have a beer/glass of wine and I'll be fine in the morning."  In this scenario you have done three things that will not help in the morning or in your healing process.

You have just received what is called a micro-injury.  It hurts for the moment but subsides while you keep moving or working.  In this case you should not put heat on the area.

First: You would want to place an ice pack on the affected area to reduce inflammation. (Remember never place an ice pack directly on your skin. Place a thin towel or T-shirt over the area and place the ice pack on top.)  Ice pack should not be used for more than 15 minutes at a time out of every hour.

Second: Don't drink any alcoholic beverage with any type of medication even if it is an over-the-counter medication.

Third: Make an appointment with your chiropractor to realign your spine to help increase nerve conductivity to the affected area.  By realigning the back you are re-setting the facet and disc joints along with the connective tissue so they may heal faster.  It's not just your back you have strained.  You have changed the way your body moves and functions from a biomechanical perspective.

Stay Healthy,

Dr. Roquemore

July 2013

A Simple Summer Fast

Instead of trying one of the trendy, dubious methods for fasting you often see advertised online or in articles, I suggest a daylong or weekend "juice fast" with some powdered psyllium seed husks (found in your local health food store) to give the intestines bulk.  Before starting any type of fasting process check with your physician to make sure you are healthy enough to proceed.

Summer is the perfect time of year to try a juice fast.  It's cool and refreshing during the hot weather and can be a healthy alternative to eating a heavy meal.  This time of year also provides us with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables readily available at the super market or farmers markets. A juice fast can be simple to do:

  • Juice:  Drink at least four 8- to 12-ounce glasses of juice daily, plus at least four 8-ounce glasses of water or unsweetened herbal tea.  To maximize the fast try preparing the juice yourself preferably from organically grown fruits and vegetables.  One combination of fruits and vegetables that is particularly tasty is apple, carrot and lemon juice, diluted with plain or sparkling water.  If you have to buy pre-made juices, try to buy all natural ones without added sugar, then you may dilute with water to suit your taste.
  • Psyllium Seed Powder: Stir one tablespoon of psyllium powder into a big glass of water, drink it, and then drink another glass of plain water.  Do this once a day preferably in the morning.

With fasting, take 100 mg of Vitamin C twice a day and skip your other supplements during the fast.  Once the fast is over eat light meals with fish and chicken for the next few days, resume your daily supplements.  Please check with your physician before starting any type of fasting process, fasting in NOT for everyone!

Have a great summer and stay healthy.

Dr. Roquemore

June 2013

Tips For Your Vacation

Summer is almost here and vacation time is around the corner.  Here are some tips to make your vacation more enjoyable:

  • Pack over the counter travel aids; sun burn lotion, antacids, aspirin, antihistamines; nausea and diarrhea medication.
  • Make sure you pack emergency items for the car and hotel room; flash light, emergency first aid kit, water, blankets.  You never know when your car could fail or a hotel has an emergency leaving you outside and stranded.
  • Pack 3 days of extra prescription medication and supplements past your return home date. You can't be sure if weather or other problems will delay your return home.
  • Stay hydrated; this will help you and your family adjust to the time changes while traveling.
  • Recuperation from travel; allow one day at home before you start back to work.
  • Get your adjustment before your leave to ensure your spine is in alignment and ready to sit for prolong periods, lift luggage and sleeping on hotel beds.  An adjustment will also boost your immune system.

With extra planning your vacation can be fun, stress free and safe.

Have a great summer

Dr. Roquemore

May 2013

How Important is Vitamin C

The short answer is----Very Important!  Your body can not make Vitamin C on its own your body can't store it as it is water-soluble.  Therefore you need to replenish this vitamin every day.

Your body needs vitamin C for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of the body.  It helps the body make collagen, an important protein used to make skin, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels.  It also helps protect cells from everyday oxidative stress throughout the body and may support healthy immune function.

Signs of vitamin C deficiency include dry and splitting hair; inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) and bleeding of the gums; rough, dry, scaly skin; decreased wound-healing rate, easy bruising; nosebleeds; and a decreased ability to ward off infection.

Foods can provide an excellent source of vitamin C.  Vitamin C is sensitive to light; air and heat, so you'll get the most vitamin C if you eat fruits and vegetables raw or lightly cooked.  Foods that are high in Vitamin C are: oranges, green peppers, watermelon, strawberries, kiwi, mango, papaya, grapefruit, cantaloupe, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and fresh tomatoes just to mention a few.

If you are not a fan of the above fruits and vegetables you can take a vitamin C supplement.  A company  by the name of Xymogen sells a great product called Xcellent C take a look on their website Xymogen.com to read more about this supplement or give me a call should you have any questions about vitamin C.

Stay Healthy

Dr. Roquemore

April 2013

Don't accept lackluster sleep as the status quo!

You may believe you can function on less sleep than what your body requires.  We tell ourselves that we'll catch up on our sleep on the weekend or we'll just drink more coffee or an energy drink.  Unfortunately this is not true.

During sleep your brain is working to set short-term memories within the brain.  Other body organs like the liver are most active in rebuilding and detoxifying during sleep and the adrenal glands are working to regulate our body's response to stress while we sleep.  Most adults require 8 hours sleep each night to function at their best. Without 8 hours of sleep per night our bodies are not given enough time to make the necessary repairs and rebuild.

Here are 8 Tips to improve your sleep:

  1. Set a regular bedtime.  Go to bed at the same time every night. Choose a time when you normally feel tired.
  2. Wake up at the same time every day even on the weekends.  If you're getting enough sleep you should wake up on your on without an alarm.
  3. Fight after-dinner drowsiness.  Get up and do the dishes or get your clothes ready for the next day.  Try not to nap before your bedtime, you may wake up later in the night and have trouble getting back to sleep.
  4. Regular physical activity.  Instead of sitting at the computer or TV, go for a 20-minute easy walk (not a power walk).  This helps clear the mind and relaxes tense muscles.
  5. Avoid beverages that are stimulants. Late in the day (4-6 hours before bedtime) choose beverages without caffeine or alcohol.  This includes spicy foods and sugary foods.
  6. Make your sleeping place comfortable.  Make sure that it is dark, quiet, and a comfortable cool temperature for you. Go to  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circadian_clock to help you understand the body's link to day-night circadian rhythms.
  7. If you can't fall asleep.  Get up and read, listen to relaxing music (or do something that is not work related and not overly stimulating, keep the lights dim) until you feel sleepy.
  8. Avoid heavy evening meals.  Finish dinner several hours before bedtime and avoid foods that cause indigestion.  If you get hungry at night, snack on foods that (in your experience) won't disturb your sleep.

Sleep for some can be a very illusive proposition, hopefully some of these tips will bring a better understanding of how to get a better nights sleep.

Stay Healthy

Dr. Roquemore


February/March 2013

Health Tips

February is designated as Heart Health Month.  I don't think we should limit our awareness of our heart to just one month of the year.  This topic should be intergraded to our every day life.  A good way  to start is learn how to keep your self as healthy as possible by; learning what foods reduce inflammation in your body, improve digestion, increase immune support and minimize daily stress levels.

Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. has a wonderful website http://www.drweil.com/.  On his website this month he has provided two great articles.  The first 3 Ways to Prevent a Heart Attack and second 6 Ways to Prevent Stroke.  I would like to list these prevention suggestions.

3 Ways to Prevent a Heart Attack

  1. Manage the big risk factors.  Quit smoking, and if you have diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, talk with your doctor about getting them under control.
  2. Eat a heart-healthy diet. Avoid trans-fats and include more vegetables, fruits, whole soy products, legumes, whole grains, omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats.
  3. Get active.  Moderate physical activity helps keep the heart muscle strong and the arteries flexible, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, increases overall energy and helps elevate and stabilize mood.

6 Ways to Prevent a Stroke

  1. Control your blood pressure either through lifestyle changes or medication if necessary.
  2. Exercise. People who exercise consistently have increased cardiovascular health and lower risk of suffering a stroke.
  3. If you smoke quit.  Smoking is the leading preventable risk factor for stroke.
  4. Limit alcohol intake.  If you drink alcohol, do so only in moderation.  Moderate alcohol intake is defined as no more than one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men.
  5. Lower total cholesterol levels into a healthy range by adhering to a healthy diet, exercising regularly and working with your doctor.
  6. Focus on your diet.  Follow an eating plan designed for those with high blood pressure and heart disease, such as the DASH diet-it may be helpful in preventing stroke.

Heart attack and stroke are very preventable health emergencies, start making changes today and have a healthier tomorrow.

Dr. Roquemore


January 2013

Cold And Flu Season

According to the CDC (Center of Disease Control) this year is looking to be a particularly bad flu season.  Most states are showing higher than normal admission to hospitals for flu related treatment.  To help you and your family stay healthy remember there are natural remedies to keep you out of the emergency room.

Natural remedies have been around for centuries and have provided us with proven results.  When researching an over the counter natural cold and flu remedy for you and your family you might want to look for natural products that contain one of the following ingredients: Elderberry (sambucus nigra), Andrographis paniculata, Echinacea purpurea or Zinc.

Over the counter names to look for are:

Sambucol cold & flu relief,  this product contains Elderbery

Virgraphis, contains Andrographis----I have this product in the office and use it for me and my family.

Echinacea Elder Herbal Syrup or Ricola Natural Herb Cough Drop with Echinacea

CVS Homeopathis Cold Relief Zinc Cold Drop Lozenges

It is important for you to take the natural remedy at FIRST sign of a cold.  Make sure you follow the directions on the label and read ALL Warnings.  Just because it says it is a natural product does NOT mean there may not be side effects or interactions with medication or health problems.

During the cold and flu season it is always a good idea to do the following:

Drink plenty of fluids.  It is easy to become dehydrated so sipping on a cool glass of water is a simple solution.  Avoid alcohol beverages and sweet drinks such as soft drinks.

Wash your hands frequently.  Be sure to wash thoroughly and rinse well.  Use a hand sanitizer if you don't have access to a sink.

Get enough sleep.  Lack of sleep may lower your immune system.

Stay home and in bed or on your couch.  Don't bring your illness to work, school or the mall.

To help relieve respiratory congestion from colds and flu and provide you with needed antioxidants try adding spice to your meal: Garlic, ginger, chili peppers or horseradish.

For more on information on Flu Remedies, go to About.com. Health Alternative Medicine http//altmedicine.about.com/od/coldsandflu/a/fluremedy.htm

Stay Healthy

Dr. Roquemore



December 2012 Message


Another Holiday Season is here and so is the stress that comes with the December rush.  With gifts to buy, business functions to attend, children's school events and family get togethers; we hardly have time for ourselves.  We push ourselves to the breaking point and staying healthy through this time of year for many is very difficult.

Here are some helpful hints to keep you and your family healthy during the Christmas Season:

  • Eat breakfast!  Have at least 3 ounces of protein (cheese, chicken, turkey) to stabilize your morning blood sugar, increase your energy level and minimize food cravings.
  • Take fruit to work as a healthy snack.
  • During holiday get togethers after shaking hands and greeting everyone, take a few moments to go wash your hands before you start to eat and drink beverages.  If this is not possible keep your hands away from your face and eyes and don't eat finger foods, only eat foods that require utensils.  This will help minimize the spread of colds and flu.
  • Remember any alcohol (wine, beer, etc.) dehydrates you.  So, for every 4 ounces of a beverage containing alcohol, you need to drink 8 ounces of water, not juice, soft drink, coffee or sports drink, just plain water.
  • Keep a large 33 oz bottle of water to drink while at work to keep you hydrated and help flush toxins from your body.
  • When shopping, park as far away from the store entrance as possible to get the exercise you didn't have time for during the week.
  • Keep a hand sanitizer in your car, brief case, or purse.  Make sure you clean your hands after each shopping excursion and before your eat.
  • At the first sign of a possible cold you should error on the side of caution, take a dose of an additional Zinc or a Vitamin C, A, Echinacea, Viragraphis or any immune support product.
  • Place a 1 hour time limit at the computer before stopping to do shoulder rolls and neck stretches.
  • Get your adjustment every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain spinal alignment and maximize your immune and circulatory system.
  • Ask us about nutritional supplements to aid in better health and immune support.

We here at Roquemore Chiropractic wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and A Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Dr. Roquemore and Staff



October/November 2012 Message

How do I Know If I Need Orthotics or in Laymen's Terms Arch Supports?

The answer to this question can be as simple as realizing your feet hurt or you might hurt from your feet to your hips and low back.

Patients will tell me their hips, knees or back hurt after they walk for a short distance.  The problem may be a spinal, however, many times the problem is a foot issue.  One way you can determine if your pain is coming from your foot or ankle you can do the following:

Look at your feet and ankles in the mirror;

         Do your ankles roll inward?

         Do  your knees cave in?

Look at your feet;

         Do you have calluses?

         Do you have bunions?

Do you have heel pain?  Do you have pain or soreness in the knees, ankles, or shins?

Orthotics can make a huge difference in maintaining or even increasing activity and mobility.  Orthotics are orthopedic devices made to: treat or adjust abnormal foot motion; provide support, stability and control; increase balance; absorb shock; and relieve pressure on uncomfortable or sore spots.  It is important to remember that you feet are the foundation of your body.

How your feet perform can affect how your entire body feels and performs.  The stability and efficiency of your foot and ankle promote better foot health and overall body function and spinal health.  Remember your feet are the platform your body structure functions from.

If you think you have pain that might be coming from your feet, come in for a free foot scan.  This state-of-art foot scanning equipment will provide you with an analysis of your foot function.  This service I provide at no charge and will take approximately 20 to 30 minuties.  Call the office to schedule a time for your foot scan.

Stay Healthy,

Dr. Roquemore

August/September 2012 Message

 Keeping the Family Healthy

With summer about over and school underway we need to remember Germs are not just on door handles, hands and counters.  According to an article, "Where Germ Lurk In Grade School" www.npr.org  it states the germiest surfaces are not in the bathroom.  "Bacteria and mold counts on the water fountain spigot was almost 1000 times higher than the count on the toilet seat."

Here are some every day items that harbor bacteria:

Backpacks, brief cases, pens, pencils and purses

Portable texting devices, cell phones, laptops

Computer key boards, mouse, and books

Office phone (even if you are the only person using this phone)

These items can be wiped down with an antibacterial wipe.  This should be at the beginning of each day.  Then wash your hands.

Other places where germs hide that are not so easy to wipe down before using:

Cafeteria plastic trays,

Water fountains,

School lunch boxes,


Shopping carts,

"We encounter about 60,000 types of germs every year, but if you're healthy, there's no need to fear going out in public" according to Philip Tierno, PhD., author of The Secret Life of Germs, www.lifescript.com  (Top 8 Germiest Public Places Exposed).

To help reduce illness limit your sugar intake as sugar suppresses your immune system.  Instead eat fruits, or veggies or a piece of fish,  these foods help your immune system fight better.  Don't forget, sleep helps the body heal and increases immune function.  Make sure your child is getting the proper amount of sleep each night.  The National Sleep Foundation has the following recommendations:

Age                       Hours Of Sleep Needed In 24 Hours

1-3 years               12-14 hours a day

3-5 years               11-13 hours a day

5-12 years             10-11 hours a day

Send your student to school with their own reusable water bottle.  Stay away from public water fountains.  Teach your children to wash their hands before and after meals.  Boost the immune system with a high quality probiotic each day to support the intestinal track.  Get your adjustment at least every 4 to 6 weeks to keep you healthy.

Stay Healthy,

Dr. Roquemore

June/July, 2012 Message


Wellness is a very popular word in our society today.  It means something different to most people you talk to.  The definition of Wellness as listed on Bing.com is as follows: "mental and physical soundness: physical well-being, especially when maintained or achieved through good diet and regular exercise".  In our fast paced society it is difficult for each of us to maintain a good diet and regular exercise.  This is why my family and I use vitamin supplements to insure we are getting the proper nutrients.

We are all aware of the benefits of taking additional A, C, B, D3, E, and Calcium to augment our body's daily use of these vitamins.  Are you aware of the body's need and use of trace (elements) minerals like copper, magnesium, zinc, selenium and manganese just to mention a few?  Without these trace minerals our bodies don't function normally.  To read more about trace (elements) minerals go to http://www.personalhealthfacts.com/minerals2.html and http://www.tree.com/health/supplements-trace-elements.aspx to learn how the body uses these trace (elements) minerals.

With each person the absorption of nutrients occurs differently within the intestinal system.  The question is; are you receiving the essential vitamins and minerals required to maintain good health from your food?  For most people the answer would be NO.  Our foods are over cooked and over processed making it very difficult for the body to extract the needed essential vitamins and minerals required to maintain good health.  The solution for this problem is to add vitamins to enhance your diet.

All vitamins are not created equal.  It is important to find a vitamin manufacturer with products that are pharmaceutical grade with the ease of absorption.  After many hours of research I have found a company by the name of Xymogen that meets these guidelines. I use Xymogen in my practice and my family and I take them at home.  This company has a wide range of products to support your body's nutritional needs.  If you would like to learn more about this company and their product line go to http://xymogen.com/2008/index.asp and click on Formulas. To purchase any of these products you can order through the Xymogen online store or call our office to place an order.  Either way you won't be sorry you started a high quality nutritional support.

Stay Healthy

Dr. Roquemore

April/May 2012 Message

Massage and Your Body

Most everyone knows that a massage is great stress reducer and in general it just feels good.  Our muscles get tight, our neck and back can feel like a train ran over us.  Stress also causes your lungs to work over time and your stomach to digest food more slowly and our brain to go on over drive keeping you awake when you should be sleeping.

Did you know that a massage can benefit the Lungs, Heart, Glands, Immune System, Belly and every day Aches and Pains.  The reason for this is the skin nerve cells sense firm pressure from the massage sending the brain a signal to the parasympathetic nervous system to the body to "chill out" and relax.  Additional signals go to other systems of the body, like the vagus nerve, telling the Adrenal Gland to cut back the release of stress hormones such as cortisol http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cortisol and vasopressin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasopressin

The parasympathetic system is the main highway between brain and major organs.  This highway sends messages to lungs to breathe slower and deeper while sending your digestive system a message to pick up the pace.

The Immune system is stimulated by the gentle pressure and kneading thus increasing the activity of your white blood cells.  These cells are the bodies natural killers of viral and bacterial cells.

The vagus nerve tells Adrenal Glands to decrease the release of stress hormones such as cortisol and vasopressin.  This also helps reduce anxiety.

During a back and neck massage the Heart can beat 10 times per minute less while your blood pressure can drop as much as 8 percent.

A massage can tell the brain to temporally block Aches and Pains.  On the way to the brain the pressure signals from your skin's nerve cells go through the spinal cord (one of the body's pain centers) and pressure signals travel faster than pain signals helping to break the pain cycle.  You may be able to skip the aspirin because massage can trigger natural pain relief.

 This is why I believe everyone benefits from a Therapeutic Massage, not just as a stress reducer, as a way to maintain good health.

Stay Healthy

Dr. Roquemore

February/March 2012 Message

The Benefits of Nutritional Support

The medical and scientific communities are rapidly accumulating powerful evidence about the role of nutritional supplements to promote good health and help prevent disease.  A report released by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) found that consistent use of multivitamins with minerals along with other single-nutrient supplements demonstrated quantifiable positive impact with study participants.

Some of the important single nutrient supplements to take are: D, C and E which aid to strengthen the immune system while B-6, B-12 increase energy and long chain omega 3 fatty acids (fish oil) aid in the reduction of inflammation.  Additional Calcium ingestion, promotes the building of bone mass.  The consistent intake of these vital nutrients will help to enhance the immune system thus reducing infectious disease.

This information is not new to the Chiropractic community.  For decades we have recommended specific nutritional supplements to promote overall good health, reduce pain and inflammation and aid immune support.  Nutritional supplementation provides a high level of results with minimal negative side effects.

When choosing a nutritional supplement it is important to consider if the manufacturer of the supplement can provide the following information:

  • Is the Potency of the ingredients verifiable?
  • Has the product been tested for Efficacy?
  • Has the raw ingredients been tested for Authenticity?
  • Has the supplement undergone Independent Research?
  • Are the recommended doses based on Therapeutic outcomes?

The products we use in the office are by Xymogen (Xymogen.com).  Xymogen exclusive professional formulas have a quarter century of experience in providing quality professional supplements.  Xymogen has partnered with some of the most respected manufacturers, universities and researchers worldwide to bring cutting-edge patented formulas.  They maintain the highest quality ingredients and guarantee that every product is 100% compliant with the ingredients on the labels.  These are just some of the reasons we have chosen this company to provide our nutritional support for our patients.

If you have any questions regarding nutritional supplementation and how it might benefit you, please let me know.  I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Stay Healthy

Dr. Roquemore


January, 2012 Message

We are Proud to Announce Our

$39.00 Wellness Tuesday

Group Health Insurance Carriers will pay for acute care by a Doctor of Chiropractic.  This type of care is considered medically necessary, however Maintenance or Wellness care is not a covered chiropractic service.  The problem of coverage occurs when an individual has completed their active treatment program or have maxed the total number of chiropractic visits for the policy year.

What type of care would take place next? The answer is Wellness or Maintenance.  Just because the insurance benefits have been maxed or they do not recognize the benefits of maintenance care does not mean your body will not continue to benefit from additional spinal manipulation (adjustments).  The majority of my patients understand the overall health benefits of regular chiropractic care (one adjustment every 4 to 6 weeks) to maintain spinal mobility, muscle strength and stability while at the same time continue to enhance the body's immune system and much more.

In an effort to provide my patients with affordable Wellness/Maintenance care, I am implementing $39.00 Wellness Tuesdays. This is for adjustments only as most patients will not require continued modality therapy (ultrasound, traction or electrical muscle stimulation).

To take advantage of this Wellness Day pricing the following is required:

  • Must have completed active care in the last six (6) months
  • Have not had a recent trauma or accident
  • Not experiencing any new area of pain; example you were under care for the neck or shoulder and you currently experiencing pain in the low back or hip
  • This pricing is available ONLY on Tuesdays, Sorry no exceptions.
  • Appointments must be scheduled in advance
  • No walk-ins please

Start the New Year off right; get your adjustment to keep you at your best.  Call today for your Wellness appointment.

Stay Healthy

Dr. Roquemore


December 2011 Message

Merry Christmas and Happy New!

The holidays are a stressfull time of year, we run around trying to be everywhere at once...Christmas parties, family functions, business functions and childrens school programs.  There never seems to be enough time in the day.

The key is to pace yourself and remember if you can't get it done today you can do it the next.  If you are starting to feel overwhelmed ,stop and take a break from what ever is causing the stress.  Take a short walk, remember while walking to take long deep breaths.  This simple act provides the mind and body a short but very effective respite.  Try not to turn to get a cup of (flavored) coffee as a way to ease your stress, coffee adds more stess to your adrenal glands and ultimately makes you feel more stressed and tired.

At this time of year choose a healthier beverage like a hot apple cider or a protein drink.  I realize this is not always going to be readily available if you don't plan your activities ahead of time.  If you are going out for a long day of shopping take a bottle of water and a protein bar to get you through the madness.

To help keep your stress levels down and improve your immune system make sure you get plenty of sleep, drink ample fluids, take your vitamins (including extra C), get your chiropractic adjustment and treat yourself to a massage.

This time of year is about giving to others, being with family and friends and celebrating the birth of Jesus.

 My family and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year.

Dr. Michael Roquemore

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